When you take time for making your expression a priority, you realize this is how you actually create your life–how you live life (active) instead of having a life or being alive (passive). When you express the peace, contentment, inspiration or excitement that’s inside you, you find that is what’s outside you, too–because you put it there. And when you express joy and playfulness, you realize that whole inner child thing is actually true. Play a little, it keeps you well.

Let’s help you learn what will play out best in your life: food & fitness PLUS fun. There are no specific services for this; the mindset is a part of everything I do. When you are in classes or consults with me, you’ll be asked to adopt that mindset, too.

Follow my blog and you’ll learn more about the play in eat play move recipe. And check back here weekly for a special TGIF treat: the Playday Post every Friday!

It’s PLAYday! 4/26/13

 Look what you could do with four small squares of dirt! If it’s not hot yet where you live, you still have time to pick up some lettuce seeds and start your first couple of squares. They like it cool. Mix red leaf and butter. Maybe some spinach. You can pick baby greens in a few weeks. Then put bean plant in and maybe a little heirloom tomato. Tada! You will have fresh picked soon! Why not play in the dirt and sow seeds of goodness? There’s nothing like home-grown!


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 It’s never too late to PLAY:

4/12/13: When you watch children, especially babies, eat, it’s easy to wonder how much they actually manage to get inside their stomachs. Imagine eating your own piece of cake like a 1-year-old on their birthday: no utensil. Oh yeah, eating with your hands is F-U-N.  You might do it for burgers, pizza, fried chicken and bbq ribs. But fork-free menus get more interesting in other cultures with ethnic foods. Start with tacos and sushi, move on to lettuce wraps, samosas… Try Ethiopian food–they scoop up spicy stew called wat with sourdough flatbread called injera, off a big communal platter.  Why not PLAY with your food and find new dishes to eat with your hands?

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table set lettuce wraps
table set lettuce wraps (Photo credit: jimmiehomeschoolmom)

4/5/13: Here in Chicagoland, we haven’t taken our feet outside sans socks and shoes for about six months now. The Old Navy $1 dollar flip-flop sale can’t get here fast enough–for us footwear minimalists, that is. Well, us thrifty ones. Some   also go the Tom’s or Vibram route. I know, I know…don’t be mad, foot docs, we’re just headed to yoga!

Before we trot out the tootsies, perhaps some rubbing, trimming and a base coat are in order. Everyone loves a massage. Happily, the feet are one area you can do a very good job on yourself. Why not PLAY this video and make your feet happy in 9 simple steps?

3/29/13: For some folks, it was Easter Weekend. For others, Passover, or other just came out of the celebration of Holi in the Hindi tradition (so colorful!) and also the Sikh festival of Hola Mahalla (impressive!)…and spring has officially sprung.

The weather doesn’t always cooperate here in Chicagoland, but this time of year always brings back fond Easter memories. Certain basket contents could be counted on: Jumprope. Bubbles. Paddle ball. Chalk. Kite. Jacks. Punching ball. And some other strange, surely toxic, product that  blew swirly-colored, rubberized glue/paint-scented bubble things. Always, the fun was outside.  Why not hit the dollar store for a paddle ball & chalk to PLAY hopscotch outside with?

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3/22/13: If you grew up in the United States in the 60s and 70s with a television, then you remember the era of television bands. I wasn’t born into the Partridges or the Bradys, let alone the real life Osmonds or the Jacksons.  So I sought a substitute for the family band in the neighborhood. It was possible–like the Rubbles’ and Flintstones’ kids, or like Fat Albert’s gang, or Archie’s friends or… well, as it turns out, no. Beginning with the fact that I played clarinet. Badly.

Still, we had an awesome collection of 45s, for pretending with. Sugar, Sugar was sweet.  Daydream Believer by the Monkees. Who solved mysteries. (?) As did Scooby Doo‘s gang. Who also had a band. The best was Josie and the Pussycats. If you never heard their old stuff, you should! Below is a taste. This weekend, why not PLAY some old tunes and dance around?


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