Walking Workout Decider:

Saturday April 27…9:00 a.m. Walking! Be ready, shoes on, at my house at 9. Simple brisk local walk. Check here each Weds. & Sat. for where if we’re walking, an hour or more before class.

April & May 2013 Fitness Session Schedules

Monday April 1 – Saturday May 4   //  Monday May 7 – Monday June 3

Monday:        6:00 pm Pilates (No Class 5/27; we have an xtra day ^^)

Wednesday:  9:00 am Pilates   6:30 pm Walking Club* (weather permitting)

Thursday:      6:00 pm Yoga      7:00 pm Pilates (No Classes 4/25 Book of Mormon–Woot!)

Saturday:      8:00 am Pilates    9:00 am Walking Club* (weather permitting)

Each monthly session is $44. Sign up is first come/first served. Space is quite limited! Email me to reserve your space in class & express interest in joining Walking Club:

* More on Walking Club: Eventually, we will explore trail walks in the area, but first we will focus on flat surface walking workouts on the miles of blacktop path and sidewalk in my area. As the club grows, I’d like more pace/goal options, e.g. Walking for Weightloss, Walking to Win, Walking for Wellness. The sessions will last 1 hour, with a proper warm-up and cool-down, a moderate cardio pace, and some optional tricks in the middle. I’m taking a small fee for the Club to cover my route planning and guidance, and to remind walkers of the value of showing up. Currently, it’s $10: buys you 5 walks through May or June.


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  1. Hi everyone–I lLOVE and WANT your comments, and thank you for your compliments! But I’m “not approving” several of them to show here because I don’t want you to leave your sign-up requests on the site. If you want to register for classes, Walking Club, or any service, email me at! We can communicate on specifics that way, and the whole world doesn’t need to know your exact schedule, when you’ll be out of town, etc. 😉 Thank you. xoxo

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