Food is fuel, but it’s also culture, pleasure, tradition and comfort. Eating well is simply a part of living well–it shouldn’t be a stressor, but it shouldn’t be overlooked, either. And, while some truths about eating are universal, the way food plays out in our bodies and lives is different for every person.

We can make eating well work for you with:

  • personal lifestyle assessments
  • new/revised eating style selection
  • meal plans & shopping education
  • pantry makeovers & more

Let’s help you eat to:

  • compete
  • lose weight
  • gain muscle
  • address a health issue
  • feel better overall
  • save time and/or money
  • kick a habit…   Your call!

I can help you with any nourishment restylings of your choice–from Vegan to Paleo and all approaches in between. As long as:

  1. You agree to approach your eating style as a lifestyle change
  2. You agree to learn to have fun with it and it’s totally doable
  3. You have a doctor’s clearance for anything I feel is needed

Basic Pricing (custom proposals are often required)

Eating Style: Learn how to eat to reach your goal and suit your lifestyle. This is personal training in food & nourishment. Intake session, plan delivery, 2 teaching sessions: $150

Meal Planning #1: Includes assessment & consult to set dietary objectives, a how-to lesson, and 28 meals (2 weeks of dinners plus another daily meal of your choice): $200

Meal Planning #2: Want more meals for your specific needs, loves and lifestyle? After our intake consult, get meal plans, plus special recipes & ingredient ideas, for $25 – 35 per week.

Pantry Makeover #1: Includes initial consult on dietary objectives, an on-site dig and purge of your pantry & fridge, plus a how-to lesson and list for restocking per your needs: $150

Pantry Makeover #2: Includes everything in PM #1, plus a shopping trip with me: $200

The Works: Ready to make a serious investment of energy, thought, effort and time regarding your nourishment needs? It costs more to start from scratch and get all the help you need, but it also pays to be thorough. Eating Style, Meals #1 and Pantry #2: $400 (a value of $550)

Custom Consults: Write me at for an estimate on consultation or planning just for you. I also offer discounts for multiple services and payment plans.


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