Personal Lesson: Wellness Expert Heal Thyself

Allow me to start with this. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

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I’m in the process of making this blog bigger & better, so it can help more people, and so I can find more fulfillment and success, by moving it to be self hosted. That means migrating it from, the nice comfy space with the widgets and stats and subscribers I just got used to, and started to interact with, to Which, you’d think wouldn’t be that different. Judging by the name. But you know what they say about judging. Names can be tricky too.

I’m not new to writing, or blogging, or marketing, or business, or the internet. But put them all together with the backend of things, and then stir them into the modern world of internet marketing through the business of blogging and writing, and that’s another story. There is SO much to learn. SO many things that can slip away from you because you didn’t know. Like those widgets and followers I mentioned above. Poof! My website looks different, chunks of text and links are missing, images too. I stopped looking around to find all that I need to reconstruct.

Because, I decided to whine instead. But now I’m done. As I have just figured something out. Who expects to migrate to a new web host, for the first time, in one click, when they have no idea what they are in for, really, and have it all just magically work?! Like, voila, there are my goals in sight and wasn’t that easy!?! Well, I did, I guess. And I just realized this is what so many people feel like when they discover what they think is an exciting new answer to what they feel has been holding them back from the body they want, which is holding them back from the life they want. They say, oh that diet, or aha that class, or ooh that boot camp, and they jump in and buy the system or sign up for the session and soon they are feeling lost, unsuccessful, saying

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Well,  I know why. I TEACH why. It’s simply a matter of lifestyle. There’s no fastpass key to unlock the door to what I want. At the internet business marketing millionaire masters of the world conference* I was at last week, I got some great ideas, met some inspiring people, and I now have some tools to use on my path to reach my worthy goal of reaching my full potential. I know this website is the first, main vehicle to get me there. It’s worth getting right, and everything I learn on the way enables me to help more people. I need to stop griping about this, and remember how much I want that. I need to take care of own needs.

As I reconstruct all the missing pieces and add all the cool new stuff here: will you please follow me/subscribe? If you had liked me before, please do it again? If not, please start now! No Diet Wellness page with free downloadable tools will go up as soon as my website looks good & is whole again!


Lesson Three: You Eat What You Are Part II

Will eat for food
Will eat for food (Photo credit: altemark)

In Part I of this lesson last week, I explained how I teach you eat what you are versus the traditional, you are what you eat. Because I want you to move forward with your eating style, not feel stuck with where you’re at because of how you eat. You choose your life by choosing all the actions in it. However you are, whomever you be, that is likely how and what you eat. So, how are you? I asked you to fill in the blanks:

“I am ____________, so I eat _____________.”

You need to realize it’s always up to you. Whatever you are at the moment you eat (which happens over and over again over the course of your lifetime) –bored, creative, busy, sick, tired, on a budget, on a vacation, urban, coastal, adventurous, traditional, health-conscious, homeless— is leading to your choices of what you eat. And when, how, and how much you eat. With me?

This understanding is essential to normalizing your eating. And without normalized eating, the pursuit of a healthy body weight for life is a hard-fought challenge indeed. Ask the diet industry. 60+ billion dollars annually in the U.S. alone! The constant growth of this money-sucking monster and its fickle consumer base seeking new answers is proof that diets don’t even work.

What you need is a natural, nourishing eating style that leads YOU, personally, to weight loss, ideal weight management and/or fit body wellness, whatever your goal is, for life. You can’t begin to get to the body you want without agreeing to assume all responsibility for everything you eat or don’t eat. And there’s no shame in that by the way, only power. You want to own it.

This awareness will set you free. Imagine the health and wellness of your body as your assets–like your accounts, possessions, savings. Will you assume full responsibility for all you have for life, or just wonder what ever happened with all that someday? Remember, you’re an adult, you feed yourself. Lesson One: You Take Care of You. (And learn more about hunger in the US here.)

You also can’t begin to get the body you want without recognizing that your mindset, beliefs, chosen environment and lifestyle influence what you eat. How is someone else’s diet plan going to work for the long haul? If you have a serious health problem or very intense issues related food choices, you might need more work with a medical pro. But for most people, it depends on simple awareness. Fill in those blanks. If you’re not liking the back end, then see what you can do about the front end, and vice versa. Follow this blog for more Lessons & tools! (up to right>)

I am bored, so I eat chips. Don’t want to eat chips? Change being bored. I’m never bored. Comment below and tell me if you are, or email, and we’ll find 5 things you can do instead of eating, that are more fun or rewarding, when you’re bored. No charge.

I am busy, so I eat leftovers on the go. Well, maybe leftovers aren’t a bad strategy. I eat them all the time! What did you make in the first place? Can we help you have better leftovers? Maybe you don’t want to be so busy. Comment below: we’ll work on prep ideas & planning. No charge.

I am lazy, so I eat crap. Okay, you’re being harsh. But honest. Be more specific, then one thing we can do is pick the worst offender in your daily life, eliminate it, and replace it with some readily available stuff that you really like also. Then, a Pantry Makeover will be life-changing.

Lesson Three: You Eat What You Are

English: A picnic assembles in Columbus, Ohio.
A picnic assembles in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ll just say up front: this lesson ain’t always a picnic.

It’s not the most hated–that one is next, Lesson Four (oh bet you can’t wait, now). But if you have deeper issues with how or what you eat, this lesson might be a trigger, or at least strike a nerve or two. But I don’t mean for that to happen in a bad way, truly I do not. I’m not about that. I’m NOT here to bring you down.

But, I do believe in truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. Truth, like surgery, may hurt, but it cures. (<Han Suyin) So, if this lesson stings a little because it’s true, let me reassure you that it’s not meant for that, but you’re not alone. Hopefully you can put some ice on it, heal fast, and it will all be for good not evil.

They say you are what you eat, but I teach you eat what you are, especially to people who struggle with their body weight or health due to dietary intake. I want them to focus on themselves first, more than external things like weight on the scale, food lists and counting things. To say you ate the wrong stuff or the wrong amounts and that’s why you look or feel the way you do–isn’t that a little simple? Presuming it didn’t happen overnight, and you kept going right along, doing what you did, and now as a full-grown person with tastes, a style, tendencies and a life…now what? You ate, and now you are _________?

Say you’re heavy because you eat heavy, you’re underweight because you undereat, or you’re unhealthy because you eat unhealthy, well okay. But you can’t “uneat”–there has to be a transition to eating something new or in some new way. Enter Lesson Three:

You eat what you are. What are you? How are you feeling? What life do you live? Are you busy? Bored? Creative? Tired? Picky?

Are you well-fed by a significant other? Are you on a budget? On vacation? Are you adventurous or insecure about trying new things? Are you a traditionalist for the family table? You might eat like a mom of small children on the go. Let’s get even more basic: are you religious? Are you coastal, rural or urban? Maybe you eat uninformed. Maybe you’re in denial.

This is where the tricky part comes in with helping people. I can’t really analyze this. I can look at  food journals, and if they are honest, I will see symptoms of a lifestyle that has led to an eating style, and typical choices (made when I’m watching and they are keeping a food journal). But a person can only say for themselves,

I eat what I am, and that is: _____________________

As for me, I eat like a person who is:

  • a foodie—one who loves food, cooking and dining out
  • high energy—who needs to keep the fuels of daily needs lit
  • adventurous—who will try new things, enjoys other cultures
  • experienced—who has eaten and cooked so much and has “go-tos”
  • a partier—I like to eat drink and be merry, entertain, have fun
  • naturally-minded—I garden, eat a lot simple & fresh foods, don’t like processed
  • busy—always hoppin, so I take modest planning time, I can’t dote on it nor ignore it

I don’t diet, and never have. I refuse to have weight or food issues. (Trust me, I have issues, just not those!) My point is, I eat what I am. I am very naturally normalized with food, and it shows, and I’m grateful for it. This helps me help other people see that it’s not a dreadful life.

So, how are you, then? I’d love to hear your comments. Think about this, and I’ll post Part II of this Lesson soon. In which I tell you what to do with your new information about what you eat.

Recipe: Green Eggs & Cam [era]

10-Minute Green Egg Recipe
10-Minute Green Egg Recipe

Ours is a true omnivorous home. Let’s call our eating style, Carnivegevoritarian. We’re a happy rainbow of tastes. We mix it up & eat well. There is meat-eating, but not so much by me. Not for moral or health reasons. (Although it does gross me out. And I know we can and should do better by our animals raised for mass meat production.) Actually, I really don’t like meat–never have. I have a hard time digesting it–always have. So mostly, I don’t.

Yet sometimes I will eat some shredded up chicken breast, or ground up beef in chili. Or not. I’d rather not, usually. Now, I love seafood, and eat it often. It doesn’t gross me out as much. I try to eat it responsibly. So, I’m what they call a pescatarian–that’s a lacto ovo vegetarian (eats eggs and dairy) who eats fish. I enjoy eating plant-based dishes, dairy foods… I love cheese. I love cheese. I said it twice on purpose. Plus butter. Dairy suits me fine–always has. I do eat grains. Grassy things work for me. The milkfat from the animals that eat the grassy things doesn’t bother me. The plants that grow near the animals grazing in the grass don’t bother me.  Just seems like the animal meat itself won’t agree with me. 

But meat is a main attraction for my husband and son. My daughters, they go in and out with the meat-eating. And one daughter has difficulty being in the same room as others eating seafood. The other served sushi for a time, so there you go. Tolerance levels vary. We’ve always been very liberal in what we offer and what we honor at our family table. We asked them to try, but never forced. (Here, have an apple and peanut butter, then.) Our kids have experienced spicy and ethnic, old world and comfort foods. If it happened that our kid had been served a raw vegan salad, they might like that too. I’ve always cooked meat and made sure there was another source of protein for me or anyone else with an aversion. We all ate meatless meals as well–mac & cheese with broccoli and fresh tomatoes from the garden? Yum. And budgety!

As a result I’m excellent at pulling together simple meals that suit a variety of tastes and meet a range of needs. I’ll be posting them so you can see how easy it is to take my modular approach. Simple, delicious. You don’t need a lot of planning, money or skills. Have Faith in your food and have fun with it too. Like, what’s more fun than Dr. Seuss?

Easy Green Eggs

Up to 1 tsp. olive oil or coconut oil
1 handful rough chopped zucchini, skin on, per egg
1 handful fresh spinach, large stems removed, per egg
Salt, pepper, crushed red, garlic powder to taste
1 or 2 eggs

Heat oil in pan. Saute zucchini on medium heat for 2 – 3 minutes till it begins to get tender.  Season as desired and add spinach. Stir as it wilts to distribute over bottom of pan in a circle shape with some spaces between zucchini pieces. Crack egg(s) and add on top of spinach. Use spatula to pull vegetables apart gently and let egg white sink down in pan. As white harden, cover pan with lid and lower heat to finish cooking, leaving yolks sunny side up. This dish slides right out of the pan in one piece–see below for optional additions. MY Sam would add Cholula.

Optional Additions:

Green Eggs and Parm: Use a vegetable peeler to shave slices from a chunk of parmesan cheese on the eggs before putting the lid on to finish cooking.

green egg with cheese

If you eat the dish up to this point, it’s gluten-free. And with the one egg I’ve shown, you’re at 150 calories, 10 grams of protein, a couple carbs and a gram of fiber. NO sugar of course, but it’s not short on sodium due to my cheese. mmmm. I love cheese, did I mention that? My egg is a large Eggland’s Best. (This year I’m going to try some truly free range eggs from a CSA or farmer’s market if I can.)  PS. Double this and you’ll get a lot of bang for your cluck. heh.

Green Eggs and Grain: I served mine next to some whole grain toast for dipping.

green egs with grain

Green Eggs and Ham: Serve with slices of non-cured ham, of course. Got a grill pan, Sam I Am?

I don’t have a pic of that since I made this for me alone, but: check out Applegate Organic Uncured Ham, available in grocery stores. Yes it costs more than regular deli ham. But there’s good stuff to know about the pig farmers they choose. Sure, there’s the sodium, however like most thin-sliced ham, it’s not much for adding calories, (only 50 in 2 oz.). And if you Like Green Eggs and Ham, you’ll get 10 extra grams of protein eating it this way.

In coming posts I’ll be sharing ideas for shrimp and/or tofu, Farro and leftover dry-aged strip steak from the freezer. Smashed avocados and Italian tuna from the can. Roasted carrots, feta and mint plus lemon and butter lettuce salad, pita bread is optional. See, this is how we can all get along. OH–and my pics will get better, as I remember to charge my good camera battery.

What Do You Want More Than Anything?

I spent some time today reading reviews of Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In. (She’s the COO of Facebook, former VP at Google. She’s kind of a big deal.) I was looking for quotes from her, for a newsletter article I’m writing for my fitness club client on advice from powerful moms. I ended up reading a ton about her–past interviews, her commencement address at Barnard (after the likes of Meryl Streep and Hillary Clinton…) and I knew, we should pay attention to Sandberg.

I confess, I caught myself twice about to treat Sheryl Sandberg “like a girl,” in the last paragraph, one thing she has been speaking out so strongly, eloquently about lately, in her book and by her very existence. I almost said, “former VP at Google, a real woman’s woman…” or something like that. Calling out that she’s a female, instead of the fact that she’s an extremely important person in two of the monumental tech companies of our time. Then, at the end of the first paragraph, I almost wrote, “pay attention to Sheryl.” I thought, if it was Zuckerberg, would I say Mark? Even though he is young enough to be my son, would I say that, or call him by his last name, in true journalistic style? No, I shouldn’t write Sheryl. That’s too familar. As if we’re going to be playing Bunko together. Sandberg’s a big deal. And her message is amazing.

The start of her message is a question I have adored and pondered and asked others to ask themselves for years, but never really taken all the way on my own,

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

She says that her book, Lean In, was her answer. One of them anyway. That’s a lot like another question that came to me, via a blog I came to enjoy this week, The Accidental Cootchie Mama. This morning, its author Andra Watkins stated something important, out loud. What she wanted more than anything was to meet Elaine Stritch. And the results of that statement, and the ensuing comments, and her enthusiasm, make me believe that she just might be able to. In Michigan, soon, when Ms. Stritch retires there.

What do you want more than anything?

I’ll tell you what I want. (Let me just say, this isn’t easy. Because there are so many things I want very much, but most of them are on behalf of other people.) What I want more than anything for myself, is to read, write, inspire and teach all day for money, with enough time left to cook, garden, enjoy popular media and travel (and write about that, too).

That is sort of like what I am doing, except I need the “for money” part to fill out much better, and more consistently. So come on, Universal Blogospheric Industrial Corporate Bigbrothery Compound Bankrolling Moneytree of Affirming Life. Show me the money. No, money is not what I want more than anything; it’s what I want at a rewarding rate of return for what I want more than anything. (I’ll note people get paid for that kind of shady euphemistic writing, don’t they? Shouldn’t I be writing political speeches or something?)

What I want more than anything is to do what I love and to make it bankable.

Something like this bank:

NYC - Bank of New York Building
Bank of New York Building (Photo credit: wallyg)
A Piggy bank (penny bank/money box) Français :...
Piggy bank (Wikipedia)

Okay fine. BOOYAH!

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