Personal Lesson: Wellness Expert Heal Thyself

Allow me to start with this. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

mappa_blog (Photo credit: francescopozzi)

I’m in the process of making this blog bigger & better, so it can help more people, and so I can find more fulfillment and success, by moving it to be self hosted. That means migrating it from, the nice comfy space with the widgets and stats and subscribers I just got used to, and started to interact with, to Which, you’d think wouldn’t be that different. Judging by the name. But you know what they say about judging. Names can be tricky too.

I’m not new to writing, or blogging, or marketing, or business, or the internet. But put them all together with the backend of things, and then stir them into the modern world of internet marketing through the business of blogging and writing, and that’s another story. There is SO much to learn. SO many things that can slip away from you because you didn’t know. Like those widgets and followers I mentioned above. Poof! My website looks different, chunks of text and links are missing, images too. I stopped looking around to find all that I need to reconstruct.

Because, I decided to whine instead. But now I’m done. As I have just figured something out. Who expects to migrate to a new web host, for the first time, in one click, when they have no idea what they are in for, really, and have it all just magically work?! Like, voila, there are my goals in sight and wasn’t that easy!?! Well, I did, I guess. And I just realized this is what so many people feel like when they discover what they think is an exciting new answer to what they feel has been holding them back from the body they want, which is holding them back from the life they want. They say, oh that diet, or aha that class, or ooh that boot camp, and they jump in and buy the system or sign up for the session and soon they are feeling lost, unsuccessful, saying

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Well,  I know why. I TEACH why. It’s simply a matter of lifestyle. There’s no fastpass key to unlock the door to what I want. At the internet business marketing millionaire masters of the world conference* I was at last week, I got some great ideas, met some inspiring people, and I now have some tools to use on my path to reach my worthy goal of reaching my full potential. I know this website is the first, main vehicle to get me there. It’s worth getting right, and everything I learn on the way enables me to help more people. I need to stop griping about this, and remember how much I want that. I need to take care of own needs.

As I reconstruct all the missing pieces and add all the cool new stuff here: will you please follow me/subscribe? If you had liked me before, please do it again? If not, please start now! No Diet Wellness page with free downloadable tools will go up as soon as my website looks good & is whole again!


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