Lesson Three: You Eat What You Are Part II

Will eat for food
Will eat for food (Photo credit: altemark)

In Part I of this lesson last week, I explained how I teach you eat what you are versus the traditional, you are what you eat. Because I want you to move forward with your eating style, not feel stuck with where you’re at because of how you eat. You choose your life by choosing all the actions in it. However you are, whomever you be, that is likely how and what you eat. So, how are you? I asked you to fill in the blanks:

“I am ____________, so I eat _____________.”

You need to realize it’s always up to you. Whatever you are at the moment you eat (which happens over and over again over the course of your lifetime) –bored, creative, busy, sick, tired, on a budget, on a vacation, urban, coastal, adventurous, traditional, health-conscious, homeless— is leading to your choices of what you eat. And when, how, and how much you eat. With me?

This understanding is essential to normalizing your eating. And without normalized eating, the pursuit of a healthy body weight for life is a hard-fought challenge indeed. Ask the diet industry. 60+ billion dollars annually in the U.S. alone! The constant growth of this money-sucking monster and its fickle consumer base seeking new answers is proof that diets don’t even work.

What you need is a natural, nourishing eating style that leads YOU, personally, to weight loss, ideal weight management and/or fit body wellness, whatever your goal is, for life. You can’t begin to get to the body you want without agreeing to assume all responsibility for everything you eat or don’t eat. And there’s no shame in that by the way, only power. You want to own it.

This awareness will set you free. Imagine the health and wellness of your body as your assets–like your accounts, possessions, savings. Will you assume full responsibility for all you have for life, or just wonder what ever happened with all that someday? Remember, you’re an adult, you feed yourself. Lesson One: You Take Care of You. (And learn more about hunger in the US here.)

You also can’t begin to get the body you want without recognizing that your mindset, beliefs, chosen environment and lifestyle influence what you eat. How is someone else’s diet plan going to work for the long haul? If you have a serious health problem or very intense issues related food choices, you might need more work with a medical pro. But for most people, it depends on simple awareness. Fill in those blanks. If you’re not liking the back end, then see what you can do about the front end, and vice versa. Follow this blog for more Lessons & tools! (up to right>)

I am bored, so I eat chips. Don’t want to eat chips? Change being bored. I’m never bored. Comment below and tell me if you are, or email fmwrites@gmail.com, and we’ll find 5 things you can do instead of eating, that are more fun or rewarding, when you’re bored. No charge.

I am busy, so I eat leftovers on the go. Well, maybe leftovers aren’t a bad strategy. I eat them all the time! What did you make in the first place? Can we help you have better leftovers? Maybe you don’t want to be so busy. Comment below: we’ll work on prep ideas & planning. No charge.

I am lazy, so I eat crap. Okay, you’re being harsh. But honest. Be more specific, then one thing we can do is pick the worst offender in your daily life, eliminate it, and replace it with some readily available stuff that you really like also. Then, a Pantry Makeover will be life-changing.


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