Recipe: Green Eggs & Cam [era]

10-Minute Green Egg Recipe
10-Minute Green Egg Recipe

Ours is a true omnivorous home. Let’s call our eating style, Carnivegevoritarian. We’re a happy rainbow of tastes. We mix it up & eat well. There is meat-eating, but not so much by me. Not for moral or health reasons. (Although it does gross me out. And I know we can and should do better by our animals raised for mass meat production.) Actually, I really don’t like meat–never have. I have a hard time digesting it–always have. So mostly, I don’t.

Yet sometimes I will eat some shredded up chicken breast, or ground up beef in chili. Or not. I’d rather not, usually. Now, I love seafood, and eat it often. It doesn’t gross me out as much. I try to eat it responsibly. So, I’m what they call a pescatarian–that’s a lacto ovo vegetarian (eats eggs and dairy) who eats fish. I enjoy eating plant-based dishes, dairy foods… I love cheese. I love cheese. I said it twice on purpose. Plus butter. Dairy suits me fine–always has. I do eat grains. Grassy things work for me. The milkfat from the animals that eat the grassy things doesn’t bother me. The plants that grow near the animals grazing in the grass don’t bother me.  Just seems like the animal meat itself won’t agree with me. 

But meat is a main attraction for my husband and son. My daughters, they go in and out with the meat-eating. And one daughter has difficulty being in the same room as others eating seafood. The other served sushi for a time, so there you go. Tolerance levels vary. We’ve always been very liberal in what we offer and what we honor at our family table. We asked them to try, but never forced. (Here, have an apple and peanut butter, then.) Our kids have experienced spicy and ethnic, old world and comfort foods. If it happened that our kid had been served a raw vegan salad, they might like that too. I’ve always cooked meat and made sure there was another source of protein for me or anyone else with an aversion. We all ate meatless meals as well–mac & cheese with broccoli and fresh tomatoes from the garden? Yum. And budgety!

As a result I’m excellent at pulling together simple meals that suit a variety of tastes and meet a range of needs. I’ll be posting them so you can see how easy it is to take my modular approach. Simple, delicious. You don’t need a lot of planning, money or skills. Have Faith in your food and have fun with it too. Like, what’s more fun than Dr. Seuss?

Easy Green Eggs

Up to 1 tsp. olive oil or coconut oil
1 handful rough chopped zucchini, skin on, per egg
1 handful fresh spinach, large stems removed, per egg
Salt, pepper, crushed red, garlic powder to taste
1 or 2 eggs

Heat oil in pan. Saute zucchini on medium heat for 2 – 3 minutes till it begins to get tender.  Season as desired and add spinach. Stir as it wilts to distribute over bottom of pan in a circle shape with some spaces between zucchini pieces. Crack egg(s) and add on top of spinach. Use spatula to pull vegetables apart gently and let egg white sink down in pan. As white harden, cover pan with lid and lower heat to finish cooking, leaving yolks sunny side up. This dish slides right out of the pan in one piece–see below for optional additions. MY Sam would add Cholula.

Optional Additions:

Green Eggs and Parm: Use a vegetable peeler to shave slices from a chunk of parmesan cheese on the eggs before putting the lid on to finish cooking.

green egg with cheese

If you eat the dish up to this point, it’s gluten-free. And with the one egg I’ve shown, you’re at 150 calories, 10 grams of protein, a couple carbs and a gram of fiber. NO sugar of course, but it’s not short on sodium due to my cheese. mmmm. I love cheese, did I mention that? My egg is a large Eggland’s Best. (This year I’m going to try some truly free range eggs from a CSA or farmer’s market if I can.)  PS. Double this and you’ll get a lot of bang for your cluck. heh.

Green Eggs and Grain: I served mine next to some whole grain toast for dipping.

green egs with grain

Green Eggs and Ham: Serve with slices of non-cured ham, of course. Got a grill pan, Sam I Am?

I don’t have a pic of that since I made this for me alone, but: check out Applegate Organic Uncured Ham, available in grocery stores. Yes it costs more than regular deli ham. But there’s good stuff to know about the pig farmers they choose. Sure, there’s the sodium, however like most thin-sliced ham, it’s not much for adding calories, (only 50 in 2 oz.). And if you Like Green Eggs and Ham, you’ll get 10 extra grams of protein eating it this way.

In coming posts I’ll be sharing ideas for shrimp and/or tofu, Farro and leftover dry-aged strip steak from the freezer. Smashed avocados and Italian tuna from the can. Roasted carrots, feta and mint plus lemon and butter lettuce salad, pita bread is optional. See, this is how we can all get along. OH–and my pics will get better, as I remember to charge my good camera battery.


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