Lesson Two: Don’t do anything that makes you feel bad about yourself

English: Banana cream pie with slice removed, ...This Lesson is a tough one for so many of us. I love it/hate it. A few years ago I started a “Rules for Wellness” list, and this was the first. I still think it’s pretty much foolproof. I hardly have to explain it, but please allow me to make sure it sticks with you. Because I do believe you can get a lot of mileage out of it, in every area of life. For our purposes here, lets keep it simple and deal with Food, Fun and Fitness.

EAT: Remember Lesson One: You Take Care of You. So, you feed yourself right? Eat well. That’s my philosophy. But don’t do anything that makes you feel bad about yourself. Does, for example, eating half a pie make you feel bad about yourself? I don’t know if you should or shouldn’t eat half a pie. Maybe you haven’t had pie in two years. Maybe you eat pie all the time and usually it’s a whole pie. Maybe you ate half a pie and now that’s all you want till July. Maybe you’re Michael Phelps or Charlize Theron. What the heck do I know?

But you know. Do you feel okay, half a pie later? If you feel good, well then… good. But if half a pie makes you feel bad about yourself, I wish you wouldn’t. Cuz… You Take Care of You.

PLAY: You make sure you’re enjoying yourself enough, right? You’re fulfilled, you get to express yourself, make your own priorities. But don’t do anything that makes you feel bad about yourself. There’s a difference between making up reasons to be ashamed, embarrassed or otherwise deny yourself joy, and actually hurting yourself, say, with a horrible hangover. Both stink, but what I’m talking about is… you quit your beloved Italian cooking class because you secretly decide everyone can afford to eat pasta except you. Or, you sign up for a gym, again, even though you hate the dudes at the gym, because you’ve been skinny your whole life and you still don’t have a hot girlfriend. Come on. I’m sorry, but here is where I have the least patience. You’re not going to like yourself for doing it! AND THEN WHAT?

MOVE: You are the one who moves your body around all day, every day, right? Or not. You decide if it’s lifting weight or running late, yogatime or bedtime, golf or tennis, Harlem Shake or Milkshake (I could teach you, but I have to charge–okay if you don’t know, see below). I’m a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and mind/body movement specialist. I can’t tell you how concerned I am when I learn someone is doing something that makes them feel bad, movement-wise. That’s a choice I can help with in every single case, if you can move, even a little. There are literally a million fixes for that, a million other things to do or not do, ways to move or not move. Heck, Matthew Sanford was a paraplegic yoga student, and became a certified yoga instructor after he was paralyzed from the chest down. AFTER!

If you are reading this, you never again have to feel bad about yourself when it comes to food, fun, or especially fitness. First, because you take care of you. Second, because you can remember Lesson Two: Don’t Do Anything That Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself. I will help you, just ask. Comment below. Or email me at fmwrites@gmail.com Whatever works.


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