3-Ingredient Wellness Lifestyle Recipe

Welcome to the first post at eat play move. I hope you’ll benefit from “having Faith” in food, fun and fitness here, where I (Faith) will share insight, advice and how-tos on all of the above. You only need to come read up a little, learn what works, and live the life that suits you best. After so many years as a trainer and friend to folks on the path to wellness, I’ve done all this first for us — I read up, learned what works, and lived the life. Now I’m here to share.

Happily, the most effective lessons tend to be much simpler than what people assume and adopt. Strangely, this has always made my job more challenging. It’s as if we want things to be more complex or unreachable than they are: when we hear a simple truth or receive a plain-wrapped set of instructions, it seems, it can’t be just that. Honestly, there’s comfort to be had in that reaction. It’s ok. No one is on point all the time. There’s such a thing as self-sabotage, or losing track, or just plain ol’ not wanting to. It’s common to think there must be more to it.

My work has taught me, nope, not so much. Yes, there are health complications, past issues, genetic factors, etc. But they don’t matter in relation to why you’re here. Whatever other stuff you came with, you’re here because you have a body, mind and life to care for. Your wellness and lifestyle are up to you, regardless of the rest. Lesson One: You care for you. So let’s go.

As a grown adult, you have the privilege of making choices every day that add, subtract, multiply and divide your time, energy, awareness and priorities. That’s your lifestyle. It’s the upfront part of an equation. Your wellness is about finding balance in the end — remember, an equation has an equal sign. Does your lifestyle equal your wellness? We can figure that out pretty quickly.

Food (nourishment). Fun (enjoyment). Fitness (activity). When in balance, they equal Wellness. Three simple ingredients…still, not always easy. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to have a little Faith.

Okay. Sometimes maybe it hurts a little, but you’ll thank me for it later.


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