Welcome! My name is Faith, and I’m a fitness, health and wellness expert. I teach people how to enjoy food and redefine exercise so they can have the body they want–and have fun with it–for life.

I’ve been helping people with their fitness for over twenty years– Pilates instructor, personal trainer, yoga, Zumba and more. I’ve also become educated in nutrition for fitness, weight loss and holistic health. Add to this years of marketing & copywriting work for healthcare and medical clients, and adjoining studies in gastronomy, obesity economics, dance, cancer rehab and backyard gardening, and you end up with a mutt like me.

When it comes to wellness advising, I’m a mixed breed by intention. One of the first things I tell my clients is: I’m an expert, but not a purist. As I like to put it, do whatever works. I don’t believe in diets per se, in fact I’ve yet to see someone use a diet and stick with it to their benefit more than a couple of years at best…unless they transform their eating style into a lifestyle. Now that’s different. Same with exercise. I know lifelong athletes and yogis, but they don’t tend to dread or grow bored with what they do as a “workout program.” They do what they do because they get something good out of it, which they enjoy.

Meaning, they have fun with it. It seems normal to them. This is what I want for people. For instance, you need to eat. Eat well. You should be fine with that. It’s shocking how many of you are not. Literally, eating day-by-day causes people concern, because they just can’t seem to get it right. This causes me concern. When it comes to food, fun and fitness, it’s a simple equation. I have lessons to share, and I promise they aren’t difficult — IF you will believe me. That’s right…have a little Faith!


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